Over 20 years experience rooted in Trinbagonian culture and history


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Rawle Gibbons

Producer/ Managing Director

Kenwyn Crichlow

Managing Director

Louis McWilliams

Resident Director
Louis is a veteran theatre director with over fifty directed works to his credit. He is currently the Head of Department and a Lecturer and Coordinator of Theatre Arts Programme at the Department of Creative and Festival Arts at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad. Sing De Chorus (1991) marked his debut in the professional area of directing and he had the distinct pleasure of directing the rest of Rawle Gibbons’ trilogy: Ah Wanna Fall (1992) and Ten to One (1993).

Marva Newton

Resident Musical Director
Marva's critical involvement in music, theatre and the Arts began in 1992 when she was made band guitarist and coordinator for Rawle Gibbons’ ‘Ah Wanna Fall’ – the second in the playwright’s ground-breaking calypso drama trilogy. For a self-described calypso aficionado, this opportunity was like a dream come true! Since then, Marva has worked extensively in music and theatre, in key performance and coordinating roles. She was music director and guitarist for ‘Sing De Chorus’ which played to enthusiastic audiences during Calypso History Month 2018 and Carnival 2019. Known for her role as accompanying guitarist with an authentic, flavourful strum, Marva sometimes takes the lead when she performs with her own ensemble, ‘Kairi Kaiso’. Calypso, for Marva, is both entertainment and “living folklore” which tells our rich stories in song. As a result, she hopes to keep spreading positive vibrations through the music for as long as she can.

Ken Joseph

Technical Director

Ken brings many years of experience in lighting, sound, stage management and other aspects of technical theatre. He has been a member of the Canboulay Productions team from its inception. He has continued to teach technical theatre at the Department of Creative and Festival Arts, UWI, St. Augustine.


Donna-Marie Bertrand

Stage Manager

Donna-Marie has been involved in performance for most of her life. Her interest in Stage Management was piqued while still a student at Secondary School, a curiosity that has taken deep hold. Since graduating from the UWI’s Department of Creative and Festival Arts Certificate in Technical Theatre Production, Donna-Marie frequently stage-manages for DCFA, MustComeSee Productions and The Lydian Singers.


Asha Stewart

Assistant Stage Manager

Asha Stewart has been involved in the arts since infancy as a student of the Celeste School of Music. She studied pianoforte for over 15 years before tapping into her talents as a vocalist and spoken word artist. She was introduced to the technical aspects of the theatre while studying at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Her fascination with the inner workings of the theatre led her to the Department of Creative and Festival Arts, UWI, where she studied Technical Theatre Production. Here, her true passion for stage management emerged.

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David Bereaux

David launched his career as a performer of vintage calypso with Canboulay Productions and has played the role of Spoiler in the company;s "Ah Wanna Fall" (1992) and Sparrow in "Ten to One" (1993). His dedication to Canboulay Productions makes him an invaluable member of our theatre family.